Welcome to Make Love Your Life, home of Loveism – the Voice of Love.

All the Love you need, all the Love you want, all the Love you seek, lies within you and it is waiting to be expressed through you, as you. The key to the blissful life you seek is living aligned with your authenticity, your own love identity.   Love’s intention is to inspire you to awaken, activate and liberate your Love so you can experience the happiest, healthiest, most abundant life possible.

Loveism is the path Love uses to bring you on the journey out of your head, into your heart, returning you to living as the Love you are.

We are all in this together.  Enjoy this blog, share it with friends, comment, engage in any way you feel is right for you.  The more energy we put into activating the Love we are, the better we make things both individually and collectively.

Let’s join together and BE the Love that Changes the World.