Unraveling the mystery about falling in and out of Love

Unraveling the mystery about falling in and out of Love


What is it about falling in love that is so delicious?  Excitement, exhilaration and elation enfolds you when the phone rings and you hear their voice on the other end, the tingle that courses up and down your body at the brush of their hand against yours and the over the top rush of energy with that first kiss all contribute to the barely able to stay in your own skin, life is amazing and in perfect flow experience called “falling in love”.

Why we fall in and out of love is quite a mysterious occurrence, completely confusing to many.  The common belief is that it’s all a result of coming in contact with another person we find irresistible, falling in love and then later we find them repulsive and fall out of love. Thus it is because of something about them that we feel this way.

Love wants you to understand this phenomenon has nothing to do with the other person.  What really happens when you “fall in love” is that you are actually aligning with Love and you are feeling what it is like to be “in” the Love that is you.  The other person involved is simply the instigator that gives you permission to go there and express your unique, love identity freely without any resistance.

When you experience what you call “falling out of love” you are simply closing off the natural flow of Love.  Out of fear of getting hurt, or being rejected or simply out of self- preservation you reintroduce resistance into the equation and you step out of alignment with the Love that you are. When this occurs you revert back to the unaligned state of separation which plays out as immense sadness, feeling alone, depressed, unworthy, not enough and all the other dysfunctional, disconnected feelings that arise when you are cut off from the Love that you are.  Hence you have literally fallen out of love, not theirs, yours.

If you find this hard to believe try this little experiment.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out, focusing on your heart area.  Think about a time when you felt like you were “in love”.  Bring up the memory, not of the person, but of the incredibly delightful feelings you felt, or feel now if you are currently “in love” and allow them to flow freely through you. You can’t help but smile experiencing the rush of feel good hormones coursing through your body as you reignite those familiar feelings, the openness, the freedom, the satisfaction, the excitement about life, and the feeling of wholeness that occurs when you are “in love”.   Oh that feels so good doesn’t it?   Remain in this this space for a moment, relishing what you are feeling.  Now open your eyes.  There is no other person present soliciting those feelings from you.  The only one present is you and you were able to recreate those exact feelings at will.

What you are feeling is what happens when you put yourself literally “in Love”.  It is the most amazing, unspeakably delightful feeling we know as human beings and the beauty of it is we can embody that Love anytime we want.  When you realize “in Love” or “out of Love” is a state of being you choose willingly at any given point in time and it has nothing to do with another person, you will find what true Love, the kind of Love that never leaves, the Love no one can ever take away from you really is.  Imagine the absolutely amazing, liberated, blissful life that is possible when you choose to live in Love, as Love and make Love your life!

So there you have it.  The mystery about falling in and out of love unraveled.

As always, BE the LOVE,



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