Spirit of Unlimited Love

Spirit of Unlimited Love

It is commonly understood that in the totality of our being we are comprised of mind, body and soul.  In our culture we focus a great deal of time and energy on educating our minds and exercising our bodies but very little on the expression of our soul, an equally important aspect of our being.  We tend to think of our Soul as something we have but in truth we have a body and we are a Soul.  Soul is the non-physical, authentic part of us that animates the physical body.  It is the pure essence of Love or as I like to say it is the Spirit Of Unlimited Love, (SOUL).  The call coming forth from within us as a collective conscience is for more of that Love to be expressed outwardly in the world.

If you are looking for more love in your life take the time to look within and tap into your SOUL (Spirit of Unlimited Love) and allow the Love that will never leave to come out and lead your life.

Today I have included one of my Lovisms designed as a picture you can color.  As you do, imagine that beautiful spirit of unlimited love that lives within flowing outwardly into your life as the colors unfold on the paper.  Don’t limit yourself to the design on the page.  Add your own ideas and create something that is uniquely yours.  You may just find this process helps you liberate your Love. Please feel free to share this page with others so we can all be an inspiration sharing the message to make Love your life.


As always – Be the Love,




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