Mate Your Soul

Mate Your Soul


Today I am going to share a personal story that brought to light for me the truth about soulmates. It is a little longer blog but stay with me. I think it will be worth it in the end.

One particular morning several years ago my thoughts had been running around the idea of love or should I say a lover. I felt a sense of deep longing and the question “will I ever find the ONE?” formulated. You know the usual stuff that occupies the thoughts of single women, perhaps men too, when they aren’t being taken up by work, kids, meals, household chores and other distractions.   As I contemplated what I thought was missing in my life and what it would look like if my “soulmate” would just show up, I heard this voice say very distinctly “Andrea, Mate Your Soul”.  I looked around with this quizzical look on my face and said so very intelligently “huh”?  It came again, slower and more deliberate this time, “Mate – Your – Soul”.  The voice then finished with “the only thing missing is the other half of you!”

Now you have to understand this was quite a shocking revelation. Particularly since I was, in my humble opinion, on a very spiritual path and was in a space of feeling quite enlightened.  I had been doing the work, reading, meditating, affirmations, not to mention making every effort to manifest this perfect soulmate who was going to complete me and who, I was quite certain, would make it possible to live a blissful, happily ever after life, just like in the movies. Within just a few minutes my whole idea of what it meant to have a soulmate was shattered.  The concept of mating my own Soul blind-sided me and required further exploration.

I repeated the phrase several times. Even out loud. The more I said it the more it resonated. “Mate your Soul, mate your Soul, mate your Soul.”  A joyous feeling arose within me.  All of a sudden I grasped the truth of it and I shouted “Of course. Of course!  The missing piece isn’t something “out there”, as I flung my arm out pointing into the empty space around me. Then laying my hand over my heart I said softly “it’s in here!”  I began jumping up and down with glee as if I had just discovered gold in a secret compartment of my old antique desk.  I felt a surge of energy as part of me suddenly came alive with this sense of knowing.  Everything I had been longing for, more love, more compassion, more fulfillment, more fun, more creativity, more spontaneity and that sense of completeness was within reach. WOW.  No more waiting for someone else to show up!

It all made perfect sense. How can you be whole without your Soul? You can’t!  We are mind, body and Soul!  Right?  How can someone else fill the hole that is reserved for your Soul?  They can’t!  And you can’t do it for them either.

Love spoke to me that day, like it does now so often.  It showed me what I previously had was a recipe for relationship disaster. The terms are impossible and the expectations unreasonable when we look at another and ask “Please fill me up with the part of you that is, more than likely, also missing and I will try to do the same for you”.  You can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t receive what you can’t give.  This is one case where two halves don’t make a whole.  The common idea of there being a soulmate that will complete you is a myth. While there may be others who would make suitable partners no one else can complete the individual, amazing expression of Love that is your unique wholeness, your mind, body, heart and Soul.  Searching for a soulmate ends and the blissful, exciting, adventurous life you really want truly begins when you become whole and mate your own Soul.

SOUL =  Spirit  Of  Unlimited  Love.

Make Love Your Life and discover all the Love you will ever want or need exists within you, as you.


As always, Be the Love that Changes the World,


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